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Each had served the people of God well in the past, and no teaching or expectation was wrong at the time it was given. You can detect in some the simple pastoral life of Palestine; in others the magnificence of Nebuchadnezzar's empire. (Jer 23:20), Comment: Jeremiah prophesied of the coming Great Tribulation (so named by Jesus), the "time of Jacob's distress" (Jer 30:7), Jeremiah 30:24 The fierce anger of the LORD will not turn back, until He has performed, and until He has accomplished the intent of His heart; In the latter days (Lxx = eschatos hemera [ep eschaton ton hemeron]) you will understand this.". ), the great God has made known to the king what will take place in the future (Lxx = eschatos hemera [ep eschaton ton hemeron] = "upon the last days"); so the dream is true and its interpretation is trustworthy. Without benefit of salutation or introduction, the writer plunges into setting forth the superlative glories of the Lord Jesus Christ. They were written in different countries: these in the deserts of Arabia; those under the shadow of the pyramids; and others amid the tides of life that swept through the greatest cities of Greece and Rome. The Old Testament revelation was but the refracted rays, not the light unbroken and complete. The OT revelation is not irrelevant to the New but is continuous with it for the same God has spoken in both. This section unequivocally refers to the yet future time that immediately precedes the return of the Messiah Who will deliver Zion, remove ungodliness from Jacob (Israel) at which time "all Israel will be saved." Clement of Alexandria associates this passage with Ephesians 3:10, “the many-tinted (polupoikilos) wisdom of God.” The First Testament revelation was progressive. Moody Press), MacDonald nicely summarizes the purifying work of the Son writing that "The Creator and the Sustainer became the Sin-bearer. The Greek word Eschatos "has a variety of meanings depending upon the larger frame of reference: farthest extent in space, final element of time, and last piece of money." Most quoted Psalm. may be called the last days of the natural world, according to However, the content of the book, including the frequent references to the Hebrew Scriptures, makes it clear … Eschatos is frequently in the Lxx in a phrase "first to last" which summarizes the deeds of kings- 2Chr 9:29 Solomon, 2Chr 12:15 Rehoboam, 2Chr 16:11 Asa, 2Chr 20:34 Jehoshaphat, first to last, 2Chr 25:26 Amaziah, 2Chr 26:22 Uzziah, 2Chr 28:26 (Ahaz) acts; 2Chr 35:27 (Josiah), ESCHATOS IS THE ORIGIN  1 John 2:18 Children, it is the last hour; and just as you heard that antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have appeared; from this we know that it is the last hour. His mind and will to saints of old, The difference between "type" and "double fulfillment" is minimal as both in some way see a prediction of the future Antichrist. There will be no end to the increase of His government or of peace, on the throne of David and over his kingdom, to establish it and to uphold it with justice and righteousness from then on and forevermore. The cross was a stumbling block to Jews, but the writer does not apologize for it. attended to, both on account of the dignity of his person, as the (MacArthur, J.. 1 Peter. years the law, and two thousand years the days of the Messiah Former and Maker of all things; but as Mediator, who has all Acts 2:17 'AND IT SHALL BE IN THE LAST DAYS,' God says, 'THAT I WILL POUR FORTH OF MY SPIRIT ON ALL MANKIND; AND YOUR SONS AND YOUR DAUGHTERS SHALL PROPHESY, AND YOUR YOUNG MEN SHALL SEE VISIONS, AND YOUR OLD MEN SHALL DREAM DREAMS; Acts 13:47 "For so the Lord has commanded us, 'I HAVE PLACED YOU AS A LIGHT FOR THE GENTILES, THAT YOU MAY BRING SALVATION TO THE END OF THE EARTH.'". (Heb 11:3-note). It follows that the last days began with Christ's first coming and will extend to His Second Coming. Each was ordained by God and proper in its intended place. Our nation reads the written Word, Then to the Fathers is without measure; and God is said to speak by him, or in him, But, whilst thus left to express God's thoughts in their own way, yet most certainly the divine Spirit must have carefully superintended their utterances, so that their words should accurately convey his messages to men. This is the only New Testament epistle that does not begin like a first-century letter, with a formal salutation and prayer. 2:2ff. Irving Jensen says that "The main theme of Hebrews may be stated thus: The knowledge and assurance of how great this High Priest Jesus is should lift the drifting believer from spiritual lethargy to vital Christian maturity. The word came to be used for dividing the property that a father left to his children when he died. Matthew 20:16 "So the last shall be first, and the first last. Acts 1:8-note but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.". The opening affirmation in verse 1 that God spoke through the prophets is important. (Ps 2:8), Not only is the Son Heir of all things but "if you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham's offspring, heirs according to promise" (Gal 3:29) "heirs of the promise" (Heb 6:17-note), heirs "of the righteousness which is according to faith" (Heb 11:7-note), heirs "of the world" (Ro 4:13-note), "heirs also, heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ, if indeed we suffer with Him in order that we may also be glorified with Him" (Ro 8:17-note) "heirs of the kingdom which He promised to those who love Him" (Jas 2:5) for the Son promises that "He who overcomes shall inherit these things, and I will be his God and he will be My son." *Psalm 97:7 - Some scholars favor this quotation as from Deut 32:43 which in the Greek (LXX) reads "Rejoice, ye heavens, with him, and let all the angels of God worship him". Son Stated another way: The antidote for backsliding is a growing personal knowledge of Jesus. And yet, throughout the Bible, there is an indubitable unity. "Of him, and through him, and to him, are all things." Godet - Every being, to reach existence, must have passed through the thought and will of the Logos, Henry Alford adds that aion includes "God’s revelation of Himself in a sphere whose conditions are Time and Space, and so all things existing under these conditions, plus these conditions themselves which exist not independently of the Creator, but are His work, His appointed conditions of all created existence, so that the universe, as well in its great primeval conditions,—the reaches of Space, and the ages of Time, as in all material objects and all successive events, which furnish out and people Space and Time, God made by Christ.”, The Son is responsible not only for the physical earth but also created time, space, energy, and matter -- whatever has been at any time, is, or shall be. 1 Corinthians 4:9 For, I think, God has exhibited us apostles last of all, as men condemned to death; because we have become a spectacle to the world, both to angels and to men. Revelation 21:9-note Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls full of the seven last plagues came and spoke with me, saying, "Come here, I will show you the bride, the wife of the Lamb. "He spake unto the fathers in the prophets… He hath spoken unto us in his Son." (Hebrews 1:3-4: The Dignity of Christ). A call to be faithful and endure through trials - Hebrews 10:19-12:29. Barnes adds that since "the object of the (author of Hebrews) was to show the superior claims of the gospel, and to lead them from putting confidence in the rites instituted in accordance with the directions of the Old Testament, it was of essential importance that he should admit that their belief of the inspiration of the prophets was well founded. And He placed His right hand on me, saying, "Do not be afraid; I am the first and the last. Indeed, God "has made known" (Da 2:28, 29) to His children who have eyes to see and ears to hear "what the Spirit says to the churches" (cp Rev 2:7) regarding "what will take place upon the last days!". Admittedly I have given you a "cheat sheet" below, but don't let that stop you for observing carefully (and marking distinctively) the words in your Bible. While it is conceivable that this passage could refer to Israel's future and the good that God will do to them at the termination of the Great Tribulation, it is difficult to be as certain about this passage as some of the others in this list. In summary, the last days are the time period between the First and Second Comings of our Lord Jesus Christ. The fathers (3962) (pater) refers to the Old Testament forefathers and is contrast to us in the next verse. ; Micah 4:1ff.). Jesus "knowing that the Father had given all things into His hands" (Jn 13:3) and that "all things that the Father has are Mine" (Jn 16:15) declared that "All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth." Well may it be called "the Word of God.". Heir (2818) (Kleronomos [word study] from kleros = lot + nomos = something parceled out, allotted) is literally a sharer by lot. In one there is the murmur of the blue Aegean; and in several the clank of the fetter in the Roman prison-cell. particular, or the Jews in general, to whom the apostle is Can God do this? Martin Luther wrote, "This chapter in Daniel refers both to Antiochus and Antichrist." (Brown, Colin, Editor. The Verse by Verse Notes will take the position that Paul cannot be established as the author and thus the author is treated as unknown to all except God. We'll send you an email with steps on how to reset your password. “Love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all,” as Isaac Watts’ hymn says." This is the Gospel revelation, or the revelation in the Gospel Each only knew in part; but when that which was perfect came in Messiah, that which was in part was done away" (1Cor 13:12). The other function of the article here is to indicate the particular Person of the Godhead spoken of, God the Father. At the best the view caught of God, and given to men through the prophets, though true, was partial and limited. 3 The Son is the radiance of God's glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word. Initial impressions of Hebrews might suggest that the writer is detached from any context. To disintegrate one has been to loose them all. Hebrews It is a paragraph daring in its claims and clearly designed to arrest the reader's attention and compel a further hearing. Matthew 19:30 "But many who are first will be last; and the last, first. It was his one supreme appeal in conflict with the devil, and in the clinching of his arguments and exhortations with men. One of the more notable uses of eschatos is when it is coupled with hemera (day) to give us the well known phrase "last days." Baker exegetical commentary on the New Testament). One writer was given one, and another, another element of truth. Finally, some see a double fulfillment, partially fulfilled in Antiochus and finally fulfilled in the Antichrist. Then the writers would be looked upon as the instruments in God’s hands by which the First Testament Scriptures were written down." Hebrews 1:1–2 The Supremacy of God’s Son 1 Long ago, at many times and a in many ways, God spoke to our fathers by the prophets, 2 but b in these last days c he has spoken to us by d his Son, whom he appointed e the heir of all things, f through whom also he created g the world. Matthew 5:26-note (For context see Mt 5:23-25) "Truly I say to you, you will not come out of there until you have paid up the last cent (a small Roman coin). Christ created the whole universe and everything that makes it function and He did it all by speaking "the word (rhema = spoken word) of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things which are visible." The OT revelation is thus no novelty but has its roots deep in the past. We can therefore conclude that the last days were inaugurated by the First Coming of Christ. The book is unlike other New Testament books, especially in the unique picture which is presented of Jesus. The revelation in the Old Testament was given in fragments (or portions). Hebrews chapter 1. Able to make us wise and bless’d; And with that name we commence our attempt to gather up some of the glowing lessons which were first addressed to the persecuted and wavering Hebrews in the primitive age, but have ever been most highly prized by believing Gentiles throughout the universal Church. great obligation to regard it; and that God had not cast off his Kenneth Wuest explains that in is "the preposition en - Used here in the locative case...the locative of sphere. Where is your heart? Eschatos - 52x in 47v - Eschatos is translated in NAS = end(1), last(46), last of all(1), last man(1), last men(1), late(1), remotest part(1). nature; being his own Son, his proper Son, begotten of him, of (Ro 3:18-note). And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also” (John 14:2–3). (Jn 1:1, 1:3), Paul in refuting the "Colossian heresy" that Jesus was a created being writes that to the contrary, "by (literally "in" = within the sphere of His personality, resides the Creative will and the creative energy, and in that sphere the creative act takes place = the Agent of creation) Him ("the Son") all things were created (aorist tense speaks of a past, definite historical event or act), both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities (various categories of angels whom Christ created and rules over)-- all things have been created (perfect tense = abiding result = “stand or remain created” - permanence of universe rests on Christ more than on gravity = the standing universe is a monument and proof of His creative might) by (dia = through) Him and for (He is the goal of creation) Him (all history is moving toward the goal when the whole created universe will glorify Christ)." It was the food which Jesus loved, and lived upon. 1 God, who [a]at various times and (B)in various ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets, 2 has in these last days spoken to us by HisSon, whom He has appointed heir of all things, through whom also He made the [b]worlds; things committed to him, to subserve the ends of his office; and Well might he also be called "the Word of God"! Thus the revelation was given in many parts. John 6:39 "This is the will of Him who sent Me, that of all that He has given Me I lose nothing, but raise it up on the last day. is used of God the Father himself, and in this epistle, ( Pink observes that "we may see here an illustration of the sovereignty of God: He did not act uniformly or confine Himself to any one method of speaking to the fathers. The word is made up of polus “many,” and meros “parts,” the total meaning being “by many portions.” It was given also “in divers manners” (polutropos). There has been something so unique in these books that they have always stood and fallen together. (Hebrews Commentary - essentially verse by verse). The sonship of Christ is to be accepted as a truth of revelation, to be apprehended by faith, though it cannot be comprehended by the understanding. Certainly He can and He promises He will, whether we interpret the passages correctly or not! NIDNTT summarizes the sense of eschatos as used in the Septuagint translation - Yahweh will make it possible for his people to turn back (Hos. Comment: In the Septuagint the last phrase of Dt 4:29 is "in your affliction" (Lxx = thlipsis = same word used by Jesus to describe the "Great Tribulation" in Mt 24:21) (See Daniel's seventieth week). - Retaining the order of the words in the original, we may translate, In many portions, and in many modes of old God having spoken to the fathers in the prophets. Kay Arthur, who is very respected in the area of interpretation of Bible prophecy and John MacArthur, one of the most respected Biblical expositors of Scripture in the world, both interpret the "book" (scroll) as the title deed to the earth. Deuteronomy 4:30 "When you are in distress and all these things have come upon you, in the latter days (Lxx = eschatos hemera [ep eschaton ton hemeron]) you will return to the LORD your God and listen to His voice. All rights reserved. And the seventh angel sounded (the 7th Trumpet judgment) and there arose loud voices in heaven, saying, "The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord, and of His Christ; and He will reign forever and ever." To teach us in these latter days. (Wuest). As for all things here below, material substances, people regenerate or unregenerate, God has given Him power over all flesh that he should give eternal life to as many as His Father has given Him. John recognizing the significance of the sealed scroll began to "weep greatly, because no one was found worthy to open the book, or to look into it." Final exhortations and greetings - Hebrews 13:1-25. A study of Hebrews is rich and rewarding. But there was in it a development, of spiritual light and of moral standards, until God’s truth was refined and finalized in the New Testament. The idea is not merely what Jesus said, but what He is. A modern dictionary definition defines eschatology as "a branch of theology concerned with the final events in the history of the world or of mankind." The earthquake, the fire, the tempest, and the still small voice-each had its ministry. Isaiah 2:2-note Now it will come about that In the last days The mountain of the house of the LORD Will be established as the chief of the mountains (referring to Jerusalem), And will be raised above the hills; And all the nations will stream to it. New International Dictionary of NT Theology. Wuest: in the last of these days spoke to us in One who by nature is [His] Son, whom He appointed heir of all things, through whom also He constituted the ages; Young's Literal: in these last days did speak to us in a Son, whom He appointed heir of all things, through whom also He did make the ages; IN THESE LAST DAYS: ep eschatou ton hemeron touton: In these last days is rendered variously as - "at the end of these days" (DNT), "But now in these final days" (NLT), "at the end of the present age" (Phillips), "in the last of these days." He spoke exclusively through them and through no other men, so far as the written revelation is concerned. It refers, not to the successive ages over which it was spread, but to the numerous "portions" into which it was broken up. Outline of the Book of Hebrews: Jesus Christ is superior to angels - Hebrews 1:1-2:18. He spoke to Moses in the burning bush (Ex 3:2ff), to Elijah in a still, small voice (1Ki 19:12), to Isaiah in a vision in the temple (Isa 6:1ff), to Hosea in his family circumstances (Hos 1:2), and to Amos in a basket of summer fruit (Am 8:1). ) ( Numbers to it; and indeed the general design of this epistle is to show If you let the Bible stand as it is, you will see that God is very specific when He makes promises. The truth that the Son is appointed heir of all things emphasizes the infinite superiority of the Son to the prophets. You cannot disturb the balance anywhere without sending a shock of disturbance through the whole system. 1986. Instead, he shows it to be one of the seven excellent glories of Christ. From Way Into the Holiest. preferable to the prophets: he is a Son, and not a servant, in Key Words (see notes on key words) in Hebrews: Whenever you are studying a book of the Bible make a conscious effort to observe and note the repeated words, phrases or ideas that the author records. The Holy Spirit establishes the divine authorship of the Old Testament, its accuracy and its authority, through the fact that it was given to and delivered by God’s prophets." Their attention was easily diverted off in other directions, just as our attention is easily distracted today. There is a pouring forth of God's Spirit (Acts 2:17); there will be difficult, dangerous, perilous times (2Ti 3:1); mockers will come (2Pe 3:3, cp Jude 1:18), God has spoken (past tense) in His Son (Heb 1:2, cp "last times" 1Pe 1:20); treasure will rust (Jas 5:3). But in Jesus there is nothing of this piecemeal revelation. He came to fulfill the promises. The earliest book of God. (1Cor 8:6). Indeed, HE IS COMING AGAIN, for He Himself promised that we "will see the Son of Man COMING ON THE CLOUDS OF THE SKY with power and great glory" (Mt 24:30), a promise which was repeated by John who declared "BEHOLD, HE IS COMING WITH THE CLOUDS and every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him; and all the tribes of the earth will mourn over Him. It will be raised above the hills, And the peoples will stream to it. (1Pe 1:21-note), The prophet John the Baptist quoting another prophet Isaiah explaining that he was but "a voice of One who is crying out in the wilderness (Jn 1:23), The One giving the message was God, John being His voice, "a vessel for honor, sanctified, useful to the Master, prepared for every good work. once, and in one way; that was delivered out in parts, and by Jeremiah 23:20 The anger of the LORD will not turn back until (expression of time - should always cause you to pause and ask "What time is it?") The world (165) (aion [word study]) does not mean the material world but “the ages” and here refers to the whole created universe of time and space. (Bolding added). You cannot match two faces in a crowd; two leaves in a forest; or two flowers in the woodlands of spring. whom the Father is, and he in the Father, and in whom the Spirit As they approached the Water Gate the trumpets sounded “a short blast, a long one, then another short one. How deftly the author unveils the Trinity as active in the revelation of Scripture, here God the Father introduced as having spoken in time past, later noting God the Son (He 2:3-note) and finally God the Holy Spirit (He 3:7-note) After this long opening Greek sentence, the author immediately begins quoting Scripture in the remainder of this chapter. and Jewish worship, will never be restored again; that the Gospel Each structure must rest on him as foundation; each tree must spring from him as root; each design and enterprise must originate in him as source. The word is made up of polus “many,” and tropos “manner” or “fashion,” thus, “different manners,” or “many ways.” In the giving of the First Testament truth, God did not speak once for all, but in separate revelations, each of which set forth only a part of His will. the apostle refers, and in which places the days of the Messiah saints' inheritance, who are joint heirs with Christ. The amanuenses may differ; but the inspiring mind is the same. Therefore we dare not reduce our study of prophecy to that of a neglected "step child" lest we find ourselves unaware of the "signs of the times." We need not deny that other men have been illuminated; but the difference between illumination and inspiration is as far as the east is from the west. The writer's emphasis on the Old Testament at the inception of this epistle would be especially meaningful to a Jewish audience trained up in the truths taught by the Law and the prophets. Eschatos can refer to the lowest status or "last place" (Mt 19:30) Eschatos indicates the meaning “last” in the sense of a final stage in a process. These first four verses comprise one majestic sentence in the Greek text and read like the opening of a formal Greek oration rather than the customary "greetings" of a letter and are among the four most important Christological passages in Scripture (cf. the Jews; and it being made to them personally, they were under 2He was with God in the beginning. the superior excellency of the one to the other; the former was made, whether visible or invisible; and the preposition "by" does GOD—who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son." Jesus, then Who is the “last word,” is also the “first word.” The writer is giving clear testimony of the Son’s Deity for only God can create. (see notes Heb 9:12; 9:13; 9:14; Heb 9:26). (Ro 11:25-note). copies, read, "in the last of these days": perfectly agreeable to (Acts 13:32 33). (Hebrews 1:1-2 God Has Spoken), God spoke periodically and partially in the Old Testament prophets, but finally and fully by the final "Prophet" His Son -- the OT prophets were but channels while the Son as Prophet is the culmination. So the writer of Hebrews is referring to the incarnation of God's Son at His First Coming. (Hebrews 1 Commentary). The phrase "LAST DAYS" (eschatos hemera) is found in both the NT & the OT (Specifically in the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Hebrew OT.) Hallelujah! He is the equal with God John 1:1, and is himself called God in this chapter; Hebrews 1:8. God, who at various times and in various ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets, has in these last days spoken to us by His Son, portion, and the lot of his inheritance; and to things relating THE BOOK OF HEBREWS (Hebrews 1:1-2:18) CHRIST IS BETTER THAN ANGELS; CHRIST IS PREFERRED ABOVE ANGELS; BOTH IN PERSON AND IN OFFICE. ", Eschatos - 64x in the non-apocryphal Septuagint (most in Jeremiah = 14x) -. The last Adam became a life-giving spirit. Many ways also alludes to the different OT literary types including law, history, poetry, allegory, prophecy, etc. He was content to fast from all other food, if only he might have this. Matthew 20:14 'Take what is yours and go, but I wish to give to this last man the same as to you. And salvation would come from His Seed ( Ge 3:15 ) Israel would no be... Revelation, His progressive revelation preparing His people for the `` Intermediate Agent created... This final word, the time of it. away from, and when He promises! ( νοτ a mere alliterative redundancy, denoting variously: -the writer 's ultimate purpose for ``! ( i.e., all of those who teach about a New revelation, His progressive revelation preparing people. 'S speech a 14 Day/Week Study: Correlating Psalm 110 and the time of it ''! Absolute and impersonal `` first Cause '' of philosophers and evolutionists, no. To loose them all. reader 's attention and compel a further hearing which other professed have... Penetrate “ to the angels because of His Son. hath spoken us! Is related to the Son divides history for everything before pointed toward him everything.: Remember that 25 % of God f B Meyer from way the. And proper in its claims and clearly designed to arrest the reader 's attention and compel a further hearing what! Who inherits or obtains a portion but also signifies one who takes into possession of this world alliterative redundancy denoting... Of events which are related to the faithfulness or the unfaithfulness of Israel clay the eternal perfection heaven! The whole Bible into a blender, and through no other men, so only one who or... Words forbids this supposition so the last days are the time period between the two is... Two flowers in the possession of this piecemeal revelation of God through faith for a total of 82 references 11:14... Olden times, and night to night reveals knowledge. tightly that where one goes all must.! Stop and fulfillments begin happens in the OT: last days ( observations derived solely from the Seed of heathen... Not speechless sounded “ a short blast, a false or fraudulent voice a. Completeness of it. away sin by the first paragraph in this statement sets His seal upon the Divine and... The murmur of the universe, He appeared to me also no fear of God 's word was at. 7:4-Note ) faith in Christ. God 's word was prophetic at the best view... Race of Abraham ; but one received one portion of revelation, so far as the period! The devil, and another another one or two syllables in the world on Aug 17, 2020 724... ; Heb 9:26 ) especially remarkable to those to whom the book of revelation speaks of prophets,. ( 1-2a ) Jesus brought a revelation superior to the Old Testament as of New! 'S Son at His first Coming Hebrews 0 two syllables in the ancient world debtors were jailed till debts! The revelation—its rightness or wrongness—but in the instrumental case through ( 1223 ) ( MacArthur, John MacArthur observes ``. Jesus arrived. to him, are all things '' is kairos which signifies the fit or appointed time moment! Along w. wine was poured on the contrast between Old Testament passages use! Jesus is the way it will be raised above the hills, and to. More fittingly stand at the beginning and the Old Testament age of promise ended Jesus! Added ) cp Jer 23:16 ), Wuest - the apostles were brought to. Old Testament, He was content to fast from all other food, if only He might have this ''... As by the first line of the blue Aegean ; and to hear His words is to get the revelation! 7:38, 39 or wrongness—but in the mighty sentences of God, having of time... In no other voice King Nebuchadnezzar 's dream followed by the first Testament truth were “..., one uniform and invariable method of revelation and foreshadowing but in His Son. speaker at Harvard.... Last '' in time, but I wish to give to this supreme voice the author seems to in! Last things. as Holy ( Ezek 38:16, 23 ) same God which worketh in... The reader 's attention and compel a further hearing detect in some the simple pastoral life of Palestine ; others. Final period of indignation '' in Lxx is `` ep eschaton ton ]... Convince them follows that this is the way it will be last, and in the.. Is one reason some believe the Apostle Paul did not write Hebrews is continuous with it for the same is. Become the sacrificial Lamb `` Maranatha '' ( K Hughes ) the heathen, is no dumb being explains in. The story of being invited to be explained, but I wish to give to last... Inherits or obtains a portion but also signifies one who takes into possession of this mysterious attribute the... Fetter in the ancient world debtors were jailed till the debts were paid )... Referred to the faithfulness or the unfaithfulness of Israel | 724 views His glory, uniform. New Testament epistle that does not refer even once to the law and the visions in your while. Rise again in the Roman prison-cell to arrest the reader 's attention and compel further... Says this term relates to `` drink '' - Jn 7:38, 39 they always... `` final period of indignation '' in time, but what He is 9:26 ) 38:16, 23.. Was first written, be thou, God, having of Old directions, just children!, speaking ) is a synonym of last days., BECAME a living SOUL. eschatos ``! Partially fulfilled in the Old Testament age of promise and prediction, warnings! Which worketh all in all this Yahweh will reveal himself as Holy ( Ezek,. And you will clearly understand it. says this term relates to `` drink '' Jn!, denoting variously: -the writer 's usual choice use of words forbids this.. See this Antiochus and finally fulfilled in the prophets but the Second Coming Christ... Come through the prophets ) ( bolding added ) by subtle and delicate links with other! Writer 's ultimate purpose for the last days ( Lxx = eschatos hemera [ ep eschaton ton hemeron ). Mic 5:2 ) of those who teach about meaning of hebrews 1:1:2 New revelation, the of... Right hand on me, saying, `` I am the Alpha and the reaches of space and reaches. Understand it. would stoop to become the sacrificial Lamb I. L. Jensen 's of. The Scripture is God 's word was prophetic at the best ever known Cause utter confusion eschatos 64x. “ whom He appointed Heir of all things '' is the murmur the! Things ” Adolph Saphir ( His well-respected Commentary is listed above ) comments on the contrast between Old revelation! - of which Nature of Christ ) need a complete New creation—as I certainly do—He equal... Victory and brought hope and immortality to light ” ) referred to the masks Antichrist. `` this chapter in Daniel refers both to Antiochus and Antichrist connection, and another another which the! Was ordained by God and proper in its claims and clearly designed to arrest the reader 's attention and a. Before now or of Old the fullness of the word of God, and. Faith series Contributed by Perry Greene on Aug 17, 2020 | views... Unto us by His Son, Jesus Christ. Testament forefathers and is to! Or appointed time or moment professed revelations have been accustomed to find her the fullness of New! From the Son He created the worlds and the book of Hebrews might suggest that the 's. Live are consuming our energy the world of the Bible, there is silence on topics merely! The Gk hills, and some Do not speaking ) is clearly manifest, which! Likens them to the first and Second Comings first will be raised above the,... Is teaching about the supremacy of Christ ) superiority of the days. Smith,3 did not have opportunity... Cover the land the debater ’ s technique which concedes all it safely can an... Pistis elpizomenon upostasis, pragmaton elegchos ou blepomenon or actions would convince.! Indicate the particular person of Jesus return facilitates as it were, their gratification. Who teach about a New revelation, a long one, then another short.., 15-see notes Re 11:14 ; 15 ) Father left to His when! See this Antiochus and Antichrist connection, and some Do not Sell my Information. Field for investigation and enjoyment, forbidding all fear of God f B Meyer puts this. What believers are to `` drink '' - the epistle to the first paragraph in statement., amid all natural variety, there is a marker whereby something is accomplished or effected Testament constituted sphere!, Volume 2, D-G completely His truth in an order of (... Testament, for a total of 82 references Hebrews as a rocket shot to the end in. Them all. ( believer 's Bible Commentary: Thomas Nelson ) when... Isaiah, etc, 31, the writer does not refer even once to the masks of.... Be understood at once spurgeon - Saving the best for last is always God ’ technique... Prophets… He hath spoken, and when He speaks, people should obey ; others ``! This piecemeal revelation sets His seal upon the Divine inspiration and authority of Godhead!, hath spoken unto us in His Son. one writer was given fragments. Sees Antiochus in Da 8:23–25 as prophetically illustrating the final word, the presentation was.!

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